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Time to relax by Elizabeth Calderara

Tidy the temple by Emiko Ray

Finding the miracle in raw food by Kirsty Wright

Joining a yoga class? by Halina Rozensztrauch

A natural style of family health by Andy Cremer

The benefits of a healthy colon by Jane Eastoe

Art journaling by Isabel Clements

Is your child struggling? by Karen Puttick

Time to change? by Sue Wayne

Janey Lee Grace

Chesham Osteopathic Clinic

Tidy the temple

by Emiko Ray

Joey Bull, four times British fitness champion, has put her wealth of knowledge into a new book. It's all about reducing fat, improving all-round fitness, alleviating mood swings and bringing out people's inner glow and vibrancy in a 28 day plan.

It comes with an eating guide, workouts and daily motivational messages – all designed to curb cravings and create a fitter, trimmer and brighter you for the long term.

For many years Joey lived in the Chilterns. Although she now resides in Switzerland, as her co-writer I still live locally. The recipes in Tidy the Temple were designed by me. As a mother, this plan has been vitally important in keeping my energies high!

I've always been interested in fitness. I'm particularly passionate about food and the way in which it interacts both with the body and mind. I first experienced Joey's 28 day plan on a Swiss mountain and was soon inspired to become part of its development!

Joey Bull Tidy the Temple

You'll find copies of the new book at Chorleywood Bookshop, at the Chesham Osteopathic Clinic (www.cheshamoc.com) and at Laceys Yard in Chesham High Street (reduced by £4). You can also order it at bookshops, on Amazon and online at www.tidythetemple.com

Beauty of Balance - Farnham Royal

Finding the miracle in raw food

by Kirsty Wright

Could 46°C reverse the signs of ageing?

Those looking to re-discover their health are faced with a bewildering range of choices. Do all those healthy options products really help you lose weight? Can you worship at the temple of convenience and assuage your sins with a gym membership? Do the cornucopia of training plans claiming to 'shred' or 'melt' fat really work? Does the pharmaceutical industry's growing push into diet pills offer a way out? Or should you just turn your attention to the omnipresent clutch of celebrity diets?

Everywhere we look there are different and often conflicting options. Supermarkets, coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, church gatherings and fêtes almost all cater to the traditional diet, offering things like meat, potato, dairy, sugar, wheat/gluten which will give quick satisfaction but then treat your body to a blood sugar roller coaster that if not medicated with more of the same may leave you in a near constant state of fatigue.

Given the sheer number of apparent quick fix approaches to weight loss, how is it we have an obesity epidemic? More importantly, how do we navigate the myriad of diet and food choices? Could there be a natural approach that manages weight, increases vitality and even has potential to reverse chronic diseases and treat inflammation?

Instead of being found in a bottle or a packet, what if the answer was in nature? Some have already discovered the raw food miracle, realizing the vision of vibrant healthy food, delivering unprocessed nutrients that form the basis of a high vitality way of life.

Raw FoodRaw food is not a diet as such, it's a sustainable lifestyle that can transform wellbeing. The benefits may have been lost to time. For example, in the bible God says; 'Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you.' The Essene gospel even alludes to the concept of increasing digestibility by sprouting grains.
Raw food is prepared using techniques and heats no higher than 46 degrees Celsius, thereby helping preserve vital digestive enzymes and other nutrients. This in turn relieves the pancreas from producing enzymes that may otherwise have been burned out of the food we eat.

The raw foodists dehydrate their breads to make them more digestible, consume wonderful energizing green smoothies and construct meals of the utmost delicacy that fuel successful lives. Combined with a healthy, vigorous lifestyle, the raw foodist will enjoy great muscle tone, less inflammation in the body, clear skin, bright eyes, reduced body odour and may even require less sleep.

There are a myriad of techniques, tools and processes that can create mouth watering, health giving foods that will not only satiate but may even help combat chronic conditions.

Starting with raw food is easy

Some recommend a 100% plant based approach. However, genetic considerations mean some may adjust better than others.

  • If adopting a completely plant based approach, for a healthy nervous system be sure to include key nutrients like B6 and B12 of which Spirulina is just one great source. If you can't give up meat or fish then try sourcing it responsibly and locally.

  • Take a more gentle introduction to raw food by adopting a combination of low temperature cooking and assembled raw foods. You could start experimenting by making a fresh smoothie; wash some fresh dandelion leaves or nettles, add a few frozen blackberries, a banana and water and blitz to make a healthy smoothie packed with goodness. If at all unsure about which leaves to safely pick, consult an expert.

  • Aim to use the best fresh, unprocessed organic products you can find and soak or at least wash nuts and seeds. As you convert to raw food, try reducing your intake of dairy and other stimulants like caffeine and sugar. For example, try replacing milky coffee or tea with Green Tea or Yerbe Mate. Where you want that sugary taste at breakfast, try substituting small amounts of dried fruit or chopped fresh fruit. As you develop, consider migrating from meat consumption to alternate forms of protein such as probiotic cashew cheese, dehydrated flax crackers, sprouted chickpea hummus or avocado dips.

  • Keeping a food diary can help tune your diet. After each meal, do you feel energized? Does your mood improve? Are you full but hungry at the same time? Do you feel satiated or are you craving sweets? You'll soon learn to listen to your body and as you finesse your diet, you can begin to feel the life changing benefits of a well balanced, healthy, raw food diet and begin to feel great once again.


Is your child struggling?

by Karen Puttick

Children and young people generally have easy access to their amazing imaginations, and those who find theirs hard to access can very quickly learn. By learning to utilise this amazing part of their mind they can be the creators of their own change.

Children experience many of the same challenges as adults; sleep problems, stress, anxiety and phobias for example. There are also specific childhood problems which may be triggered or exacerbated by their life experiences. Whether we realise it or not, our unconscious mind will often put up barriers to protect us from perceived threats, leading to stress which manifests in a variety of ways.
If you can, imagine a small part of the unconscious brain behaving rather like a meerkat sentry, constantly alert and looking for danger.

Of course, there really are threats sometimes. But there are also times when although our rational mind tells us everything is okay, that little guard starts shrieking 'DANGER!' We can all develop irrational phobias, lose our confidence and develop poor habits to protect ourselves. Fortunately there is a gentle solution!

Clinical Hypnotherapy offers a safe way for your child to take control of their challenges. Over a few weeks they gain mastery using self-hypnosis, a skill which they can utilise throughout their lives. Please contact me to discuss how I may be able to help you or your child. I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner, registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

Contact details:
Tel: 078 8619 0921

Art journaling

by Isabel Clements

I first came to know about Art Journaling in 2006. In the library one day I came across a small unassuming book called 'Journeying Through Art Journaling' and from then on I really did start on a creative journey which continues today. Up to that point I had done some pottery but very little else creatively and was quite resistant to drawing as I firmly believed it was beyond me! Art Journaling has taught me many things, how to express my thoughts and feelings visually, how to allow my art to be good enough just as it is and how to carry on exploring my creative potential.

I was made redundant from the NHS last year and needed a new direction to go in and so set about finding a way of sharing my love of Art Journaling with others. After months of planning with my two lovely daughters we completed our first Introduction to Art Journaling Course in November and going by the feedback it was much enjoyed by all! This is a new venture for Chesham, which is exciting because Art Journaling is relatively unknown in the UK.

What is Art Journaling?

Art JournalingWell, in a nutshell it is about combining created images with written words in interesting and meaningful ways. You don't need any particular skill as either artist or writer to start, just a willingness to explore and experiment.

The course is project based and designed to show several different ways of Art Journaling. We use fun materials, inks, paints, pens, stamps, stencils and paper collage and all the techniques are demonstrated with plenty of hands on support if needed. Sometimes we want to share what we have done and sometimes not and this is absolutely fine. Often we are surprised at what we have created and need time and space for reflection.

Our first course was held at the White Hill centre, which was a perfect venue and we are set to do another one there again in the spring. We are also hoping to run a second course at the Workaid charity in Chesham at the same time.

Details of the Next Course
Our next 6 week course starts at the White Hill centre on Monday 24th February 10-12 noon and costs £ 48. All materials, except the journal (available to buy for £2) are provided.
For further information and booking please contact:
Isabel Clements on 01494 775962 or 07909908573
Email: artjournalingchesham@hotmail.com

See Wellbeing in Issue 02 ...

Time to relax

by Elizabeth Calderara

Me Time For Mum

Do you spend each day juggling the needs of your home, your work and your family? Do you find that you have little time to fit anything else in around your commitments? Do you feel guilty when spending time on yourself?

Children copy what we do, so are they learning that 'busy is best, without rest'? Show them how important 'me' time is for you. Sitting quietly, having someone care for you, relaxing, de-stressing, and in so doing, keeping your energy levels up, your body healthy, your mind clear and creative.

Becoming a mum is a lifelong role, undertaken with an open heart and optimism for our future as a family. Having a baby is a magical time. The extraordinary experience of giving birth then caring for our child as they grow from babies to adults. So once taken on, we never relinquish the role of a mother.

In this fast paced world we live in, we spend less and less of our time being quiet and still. As a mum of a teenager who also works outside the home. I know only too well the balancing act of being a busy mum.

From the point of birth we have the double whammy of the media telling us what makes a perfect mum. Losing weight, going back to work, not going back to work, making sure our child is involved in the latest stimulating, educational activities which seem to change with the need of the media to find a new audience, managing the home (even with a supportive partner) at times it can be an exhausting life.

Don't get me wrong. Stress has become a by-word for being busy; it's often seen as the villain in the blame game for everything from constipation to shoulder pain, depression to backache. We do need an element of being busy, the adrenaline produced plays an important in our existence. Kicking off the clever aspect of our brains, keeping us alert, enabling us to make quick decisions, making our lives fulfilling and happy. This only half of the story though, we need time to allow for rest and the repair of our body. When this 'pedal to the metal' fast pace is relentless with no down time, our body begins to react. '

'Oh yes I'd love to have a rest, but I'm too busy', I hear you cry. Don't I know it! Which is why I've set up the 'Me Time For Mum' club. Just 30 minutes to enable you to relax, recharge and re-energise. And, new mums, you can bring your babies too.

Looking forward to meeting you mums.

Four fabulous reasons to relax

  • Improves energy
  • Eases muscular aches
  • Increases the happy hormones
  • Gives your body a chance to heal

Quote 'Designs for Life' for your introductory 'Me Time For Mum'
30 minute body booster for just £20 – a choice of reflexology, massage or flower essences. Book on 077 9165 9554.
Reflexology & Natural Healthcare

Treatment Menu

Me Time Massage

Heavenly Head, Neck & Shoulder - 30
Blissful Back - 30
Float Away - Face, Neck & Hand -30

Me Time Reflexology
Relaxer Reflexology with
Organic Aromatherapy Foot Creams - 30
Feel Good Feet - Cool foot scrub with soothing foot balm and calming
Reflex-therapy - 30

Chill-out Combo
Relaxer Reflexology - 1hr
and Face and Neck Massage

A Free treatment?
Join our ‘Tell a Fabulous Friend’ group. You have had a great time, relaxed and rejuvenated so you tell a friend how good you feel. Encouraged by your story they decide to book a treatment for themselves. We believe in thanking our clients for recommendations. You choose from a menu of add-ons which you can have at your next treatment.

Thank you Menu
2 Fabulous Friends:
A Reflexology Hand massage

3 Fabulous Friends:
Rose Oil Facial Acupressure

4 Fabulous Friends:
Pot of Organic Hand cream - Ellapure
Relaxer Lavender Rollerball for handbag - Ellapure 2 Friends
Simple Steps - Massage for your Toddler - helping sleep
No More Colic - Baby Massage Tuition

PS. How about a thank you? Why not thank your friends and parents with the gift of a treatment voucher? Brilliant birthday, baby shower, postnatal present.


Yoga in Berkhamsted

Joining a yoga class?

by Halina Rozensztrauch

As you explore different yoga classes, keep an open mind. No style of yoga is best for everyone. As you build a regular practice, you may find that a pose you didn't enjoy at first will become your favourite. As your life changes, so will your practice. Sometimes you need energising Hatha Yoga Flow. Other times you will long for the stillness of deep Yin Yoga or the restfulness of Restorative Yoga. Always honour your needs. This way you exercise your sensitivity and self trust. Your yoga will become increasingly internal. It will become your own.

Here are some pointers you might find useful before you start:

  1. Leave your ambition at the door.
  2. Let the teacher know if you have any injuries or concerns before class
  3. Give yourself permission to take care of your own needs in class by taking a break, observing instead of doing or modifying a pose to make it more comfortable.
  4. Stay mindful. It's not just about doing, but also what the practice does to you. Be a yogi scientist; practice, inquire, observe the effects and collect the data. Explore … it's fascinating!
  5. Use your breath as a guide. Your breath is like the wind flowing through the musical instrument of your body. Let there be a harmony, smoothness, roundness and ease in your breath.
  6. Ask for assistance if you're unsure whether a pose is right for you.
  7. Listen to the teacher's feedback. It is one of the valuable benefits of attending yoga class.
  8. During hands-on adjustments let the teacher know whether you prefer gentle or strong adjustments or if you prefer not to be adjusted at all.
  9. Take the best, and leave the rest. Some poses will feel good and others won't; some movements will feel exhilarating, and others won't. Notice what feels right for your body. You can begin to include these practices in your everyday life, when you can't make it to class and this is how you'll become your own teacher.


So, ready to start?

£5 off the first 5 or 10 lesson card purchased with Yoga Tree. Just mention Designs for Life. Offer expires 28/2/14.


oga in Tring

A natural style of family health

by Andy Cremer

Naturism is growing in popularity, helped this year by the recent heatwave. To be in touch with nature, to feel the air, the sun and the water on bare skin, is one of the most relaxing and liberating experiences one can have – perfect for today's stressful lives. Once you have swum without a costume, you will never go back – naturists believe they are pointless!

There are also benefits for body image. Many people go through their lives insecure about perceived 'faults' with their bodies, suffering low self esteem as a result. We come in all shapes and sizes and naturism teaches us not to be ashamed of our bodies, our scars and our blemishes.

Naturist children grow up with a greater awareness of the human body and naturism offers an antidote to unhealthy media images of the 'perfect body' with which people are continually bombarded and which can cause so many body hang-ups.

If you've ever tried 'skinny dipping' or nude sunbathing on holiday, or are simply curious to try this wonderful way of life, then why not explore the superb facilities that are available in the area? First time nerves are normal but after a few minutes you'll forget everyone is naked!

Family Friendly Environment

Diogenes Sun Club is one of the UK's top naturist clubs that has been based near Chalfont St Peter since 1964, and in existence since the early 1930s. We are a family friendly club with great year-round facilities, including lovely indoor and outdoor pools, sporting facilities, a sauna and a super children's play area and play room. All this is set in six acres of beautiful grounds around a large country house.

Diogenes is a family friendly environment, there is nothing lewd or inappropriate going on (this would be as unacceptable as in a clothed situation), and it is great for the whole family. A warm welcome is guaranteed at Diogenes, so why not arrange a free trial visit?


The benefits of a healthy colon

by Jane Eastoe

The function of the colon is to re-absorb digestive juices, water soluble salts and bile back into the blood stream and thence to the liver. It also stores food and other bodily waste products until elimination. The colon acts as host for vast numbers of beneficial bacteria; these bacteria help us with various tasks including immunity to infection, regulation of cholesterol levels, production of a number of vitamins and maintain a healthy colon.

Colonic treatment is used as a naturopathic modality and people who choose this treatment include those who suffer from various bowel conditions. One of the best things about colonic hydrotherapy is that the benefits of the treatment are very personal. This means that you will know how you feel after the treatment. You won't need to be influenced by anyone else. You do not need to make any special changes to your diet or lifestyle before a treatment, however many people choose
to have a treatment when embarking upon a new health regime.

Why choose a colonic?

Colonic TreatmentsBy using the body's natural nerve and muscular activity, colonic hydrotherapy may help to tone and exercise the bowel, thus aiding the evacuation of waste both during and after treatment. As a registered, professional therapist, Jane Eastoe is used to people feeling nervous, especially before a first treatment. Part of her job is to put clients at ease and ensure they are comfortable having the treatment. During a first appointment at her clinic based at the Naturality Wellness Centre in Berkhamsted, Jane takes a full medical case history, and fully explains the procedure and treatment process.

Book your first 3 Colonics for £150 on 01442 800400

Time to change?

by Sue Wayne

Life … every so often we are forced to take stock and then make changes. Some changes are easier to deal with than others, which can affect both our mental and physical health and stop us and maybe friends and family from having fun! The fact is we all have challenges in our lives … by talking these through, using relaxation and hypnotherapy and by giving ourselves time and a plan we can sort out most of what is draining our energy.

Karuna Aspire"The sessions I had with Sue have been valuable and the tools she gave me are a help. The mind really is the key to change, if you can change your attitude then change can happen!"

"Working with Sue has enabled me to move to a far higher level of success"

Contact details:
Telephone: 01494 758866
Mobile: 077 1544 4397
Email: info@karunaaspire.com

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